The greatest form of abuse

Hi dear one,

Many times we feel that our problems are external and they are the reason we do not get as fast as we want to where we envisioned we would be. Let me tell you a story of a young religious lady who prayed for her enemies to leave her so she can make progress in her life. Day by day she kept making such petitions in her prayers but to no avail. She didn’t seem to get any headway with this prayer.

A strange plea.

Then she did something very strange one morning as she prayed. She made a decree that her enemies would go blind so that she can move forward to achieving her dreams. As soon as she made that declaration, she opened her eyes but she couldn’t see. She screamed and asked her creator why she couldn’t see and this was his reply,“You have been your enemy, I couldn’t separate you from yourself. That’s why I haven’t answered your earlier petitions.”

This young lady was shocked at the response she got. In fact it was the first time she ever got a reply to all her complaints about her ‘not-so-funny’ life. She begged that her eyes be opened and asked more questions on what she needed to do to get on with her life and her request was granted after a week.

Many of us are just like this young lady. We do not realize that we are our own limitation. We hope for good to happen to us but what do we say to ourselves?

"No one has ever abused you more in life than yourself" - Rob Dial

The greatest form of abuse is self abuse.

Rob Dial, the mindset mentor says we need to change the way we talk to ourselves. We need to become our best cheer leaders.

To verbally abuse ourselves is to limit ourselves from reaching the height we want to reach. How can you become the best in you when you have made you an obstacle to your success with the words you say to yourself?

Take a stock of the wrong words you have been saying to yourself recently and replace them with good affirmative words today and see the difference it makes in your life.

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